Welcome to my blog.


Welcome to The Reading Wordsmith Blog.

    Hello friends and welcome to my blog. My name is Jackie and it's nice to meet you! I'm just a teenage girl who has lots of different creative hobbies that I'm passionate about. Besides reading, I'm also really interested in learning about languages and history. I also have a massive love for animals as many of you probably already know if you follow my Instagram page, @readingwordsmith. As the title implies, I will mostly share book and reading-related posts on this blog, but I'll share some other things along the way.  

    You're probably asking, why did you start a blog? Simply put, I just wanted a place to express my thoughts and opinions on the books I read, upcoming releases, and other fun things. When I first decided to join the book community, I thought I would stick to posting on a bookstagram page. But now after a couple of months, I realize there are so many more things I'd like to say that just don't belong on my Instagram page. 

    If you're still here at the end of this, thank you for sticking around. If you ever want to chat about books or anything else, feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram: @readingwordsmith or Twitter: @readinwordsmith.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night and I'll talk to you soon!


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